Belcanto Z

BALOUGRAN Z Father Father
R MAYBE Z Mother Father
BALOUBET DU ROUET Father Father Father
ARGANA Mother Father Father
RABIAT Z Father Mother Father
JADE Mother Mother Father
KAMERTON Father Mother
BALIA Mother Mother
KARKAS Father Father Mather
KAMA Mother Father Mother
ALKAZAR Father Mother Mother
BAJA Mother Mother Mother
  • year of birth: 20.03.2013r.
  • Race: Zangersheide
Breed: Zangersheide Breeder: Barbara Jankowska Belcanto Z is an exceptional colt for us as the son of our Kcynia, which I owe a lot as a rider. He is her real clone and will certainly show his capabilities as an adult stallion. Registered in the Zangersheide Studbook.